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Career Advice Articles for Job Seekers 


Navigating the highly competitive job market, while trying to stay updated on current industry best practices during your job searching process can prove to be overwhelming. Here at Recruiters Give Back, we understand that job searching isn’t an easy walk in the park. We’ve put together a list of job hunting articles that will hopefully help you in your job search in Hong Kong by sharing knowledge and advice that will prep you for success.   


Here are 5 career advice articles we’ve read on blogs and reputable online publications that we think would be a great read for job seekers to help them in their job hunting endeavors in Hong Kong: 

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What to Do If You Have Been Made Redundant  

Sassy Hong Kong

An overview of what you can do immediately to help yourself if you have been laid off. A step by step guide.


How To Cope With Traumatic Change and Transition 

Caroline Langston LinkedIn

How to move forward step by step are a change.

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Rewiring Your Brain To Think Differently  

Caroline Langston LinkedIn

Want to contribute to our list of job search articles?


We are always looking for motivational articles to help people during their job search in HK. Please do feel free to send your suggestions to add to our pages to Let’s all work together to help each other. 

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