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Terms of Use

Call Back Service

We provide a call back service for jobseekers who are currently unemployed and would like to talk to someone about their job search with one of our Volunteers. We respectfully ask that if you can afford a paid service you connect with one of our career coaching partners or sponsors. This helps fund the Volunteers and you can "pay it forward" to people who really cannot afford to pay.

What we cannot do: 

  • Find you a job.

  • Give you advice.

  • Make a decision for you. 

  • Write your CV for you.

  • Tell you what content you should or should not put into your profile or documentation (CV, Job Application) 

  • Advise you technically how to complete an interview.

What we can do:

  • Help you brainstorm and think of ideas to help you take the next step forward in your jobs search.

  • Talk to you about what you think may be best to put into your documentation.

  • Discuss options you may have to help you make a decision regards content and what you can do to take the first step forward in your job search. 

Any decision you make will come from you. Recruiters Give Back cannot be held responsible for any changes to documentation, LinkedIn or decisions you make following a conversation with any of our volunteers.

Our Volunteers may use WhatsApp, Zoom, your phone number or another communication app to call you. If you choose to share your phone number, contact details or documentation with our volunteers they will delete all personal data after the call with you. Our Volunteers agree not to store any personal data unless they have a written agreement from you. Recruiters Give Back may store some of your personal data. Please see our privacy policy here. 

Our Website

This website is full of suggested ideas to update your CV, LinkedIn and provide you with useful information to help with your job search. We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the data on our site, however we are run by volunteers and techniques and information may change. We do our best to update this, and cannot be held responsible for any changes you decide to make as a result of the information on this site. Every person is unique and different and what may work for one person may not work for others. As individuals we ask you to research thoroughly and take responsibility for decisions relating to changes and choices you make following reading this website. 


External Links

Recruiters Give Back, cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the data in any links to external sites we provide.

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